10 Best Android Apps Of 2017

Technology is changing rapidly in the same way as today’s time is changing. Today, all people are using smartphones, and this is why the market of best android apps is also growing rapidly.

Competition has increased in best android apps today due to the speed of technology. Every day thousands of new Android apps are being created and are being downloaded. But what is the best android apps among all these apps is that we are going to tell you today. The apps we are giving you today are considered as the best Android Apps of All Apps 2017.

1 Weather

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This Android App is at number 1 position today. We also wrote the name of this app in the list of the last Best Weather Apps. This app gives you accurate weather information. This app has also received the highest rating on Google Play Store. This best android app gives you the benefit of many more features. Using this app, you can track 12 City weather. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store.

Blue Mail

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This is the best email app, the rest of the app is considered to be good. Its features are quite simple and can be used easily. This app also keeps your mobile items clean. Smart settings are also given in this app, which you can change accordingly. It comes with Android veer support. In this, you can keep personal email, widgets, color coding and much more locked. You can download it from the Google Play Store for absolutely free, this best android app has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play Store.

Google Drive Suite

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This is a cloud storage solution for Google Drive. If you are a new user and you sign in, you get a permanent 15 GB free space. If you need more space than this, you can buy more space. Google Drive is a very special Android app. There’s a lot like Google doc, google sheets, google photos, google calendar, google slide and more.


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Nowadays, all phones have texting apps. But the apps given in the smartphone are not as good, but the Textra is considered to be a great app from all those apps, and features also have good features. You can send SMS and MMS messages to your friends. The theme is also given in this best android app, whose background you can change according to your own. You will find this app in the free Google Play Store. You can use it if you wish.


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This best android app is considered as the third party app with the most powerful and best features. This app has lots of users and it is considered easy to use. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store, if you need a theme then you can also purchase it. There are many types of features, such as multiple language support, gesture typing, and many more features. It is also true that Microsoft has bought it.

Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher is also ahead in this list. Nova Launcher is considered to be the best android app launcher with regular updates. There are several types of great features in it. This app helps you to restore your home screen setup. It has many features like it keeps the backup of your phone. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store.

LastPass Password Manager

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This app is also included in the list of best android apps. This is considered a great password manager app. In this, your login credentials are absolutely safe. It helps you keep all your apps secrecy. You can use this app on your computer, mobile, and tablet. Believe it is the best app. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Music

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Who does not recognize this app, it’s the most famous app because of being a Google company. We have also given this app in the list of Best Music Apps for Android. Nowadays this best android app is not required to download because it is already available on all smartphones. If your smartphone does not have this app, then download it from Google Play Store. Its best features will help you listen to songs of good quality.

Google Maps

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By the way, many apps have been featured on the Google Play Store, but Google Maps has been created by this Google company. And Google is considered to be a great company and its products are considered great because it provides us with good facilities. This Google Map shows you the exact location of the address. You can easily find the location of anything on it. Nowadays this best android app is available on all smartphones, but if you do not have it on your phone then you can download it from Google Play Store soon.


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We do not think there are still people in the world who have never used YouTube. YouTube has become the most popular today and its users are also the most. You will find many types of features on YouTube as if you can download any video or you can upload your video. Today this best android app remains unavailable in all the smartphones. But you should keep it updated regularly. If your smartphone does not have this app, then you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

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