10 Best Camera Apps For Android

Today I will tell you the best camera apps for Android in this post. And along with this is also Photo Editor Apps. If you want to do photography, it is very important for you to have top camera apps and best photo editing apps.

Well if you find free top camera apps on the Google Play Store, you will find lots. But today we are going to tell you some nice camera apps, with the help of which you will be able to do photo edit too well. So let’s know best camera apps for android.

1. Camera 360

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These apps are considered better than all top camera apps. Its function is also excellent, Beauty camera photo filter has been provided in this app. With the photos have the video effect can give, it is certain is that it has been zoomed in and Zoom out Capture mode. You can also have fun stickers in it.

2. Best Me Selfie Camera

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This app is considered to be very popular, it has 10 million users, so you can get an idea of ​​how popular this is. The special thing is that in this digital photo HD capturing selfie mode has been given. And along with 125 real-time filter emoji and many types of stickers are given.

3. Candy Camera

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This top camera app is my favorite, it has 100 million users, so you have come to know how popular this is the camera app. And this app has a collection of amazing beauty function and stickers. You can also use silent camera mode on it. And it also has lots of functions such as photo filtering, sharpness, brightness and more. There is also an additional filter camera tool available.

4. BeautyPlus

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Talk about this top camera app, it’s the beauty and fashion magazine android app. Its user is more than 100 million. It faces editing, retouch skin tone, skin smoothing, makeover tool, pimple remover, blemish, brightness have several functions, such and so kind.

5. B612

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This top camera app uses more girls than boys, this is the favorite camera app for girls. In this app, you can give your face a cartoon-like effect. Speaking of downloading this app, it has been downloaded more than 300 million times and its rating is also very high. It has been rated 4.4. 10 new stunning beauty effects have been provided in this app.

6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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This top camera app is mostly used by professional people, and you can also use it as a magic professional. Whatever photo we edit in this, a quality image is formed. There are so many editing functions available that you can use well. The special thing is that HDR capability has been provided in it.

7. HD Camera Ultra

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This top camera app is considered the best, it gives a great app click picture. Its advantage is that it is very fast utilized. There are several types of features like digital zoom screen, long press option, focus mode, white balance brightness, additional photo effects, and more features like these.

8. Camera MX

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If you want to use this top camera app then it provides an Amazing Effect to your photos and you can customize the image with different styles. There are also a number of features given as HDR Sepia black and white special effects filters, HD quality image capturing and also answered many filter types. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

9. HD Camera For Android

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This top camera app offers you features and video features. In this you have got 3 mode camera which allows you to take photos very well. The special thing is that pinch zoom and video recorder are also given. You can also make wide screen picture quality settings in it.

10. You-Cam Makeup

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This camera app is the favorite of girls more than boys. This is the best camera app for taking a selfie, it has many options of face editor. A girl can also make makeup in this. Not only that, you have also been given a live streaming make-up tutorial in this.

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