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15 Interesting Facts about the iPhone

facts about the iPhone
┬áIt’s been years since the launch of the iPhone. It has been about 10 years of launch. In this way, many people want to read facts about the iPhone. The world’s largest company Apple introduced its first iPhone in 2007. Let us now tell you about the interesting facts about the iPhone.

Here are some Interesting facts about the iPhone

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1. You would be surprised to know that when the company launched the first iPhone, Apple was not the App Store at the time.

2. Today the Apple company is famous as the iPhone, but a few years ago the same name showed the company the way to the court. Because this name had already been patented by the Cisco company. Later this name remained with the Apple company.

3. Do you know that the Time magazine has called the iPhone “the biggest invention of the year” in 2007?

4. After this, in 2016, the iPhone was again the most powerful device title.

5. By the way, the entire iPhone is the most expensive. But it is said that the retina screen is the most expensive part of the iPhone.

6. iPhone is the best-selling and best-selling product of Apple’s company. Only the iPhone has more than 60 percent stake in the company’s total revenue.

7. An iPhone consumes the electricity worth 0.25 cents per year if it is fully charge once every day.

8. If you use iTunes, You have agreed for not using the Apple’s product for creating nuclear weapons.

9. An apple patron in Japan started waiting for iPhone 6 in line 7 months before it was launched.

10. When the iPhone was being developed, the codename for the as yet unnamed phone was “purple”. iPhone developers even called their section in the apple headquartar the ” Purple Dorm “.

11. Apple’s iPhone has higher sales as compared to everything being sold under the label ” Microsoft “.

12. Apple’s iPhone in Brazil is twice more expensive than in the USA.

13. In 2012, Apple sold 3,40,000 iPhones per day.

14. While Samsung and Apple are the bigest rivals. but not everyone knows that Samsung makes the processors for iPhones.

15. Exclusive right for the selling the first iPhone were turned down by verizon.

In the points given above, we have told you facts about the iPhone. After knowing all this, maybe you also want to buy an iPhone. Obtain email subscriptions to receive our next post from e-mail. You can also share this post on social media.

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