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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How To Transfer Photos From Android To PC

Do you want to transfer photos from Android to pc? So today we will tell you how to transfer photos from android to pc.

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There are so many ways to do this, but some of these methods are very easy. Today we will tell you the same easy ways that you can easily transfer photos from Android to PC. So let's know its steps.


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This is the best method to transfer photos from android to pc and this is not a new way, everyone knows about this method. So below we tell you to step by step how to transfer photos from android to pc.

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1. Connect the Android device to a USB through PC.

2. Lower the notification bar of the smartphone's top screen.

3. Click on USB Connected.

4. Turn on USB storage.

5. Go to " this PC " in your computer.

6. Double click on your device name.

7. Double click the " DCIM " folder.

8. Then double click on the camera folder.

9. Now press CTRL + A to select all the photos, then go to the folder in which to transfer photos and press CTRL + V and paste it.

Google Drive

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This is the second best way to transfer photos from android to pc. You can share photos as well as transfer photos from Google Drive. Initially, it will take some time to set up, but after setup, it works great. It also maintains a backup of your photos so that once your photos are deleted in the future, you can download it again. Follow the steps given below.

1. First you download the Google Drive application.

2. If you do not have a Google Drive account, register it.

3. After that go to the gallery and click on the picture and click the share button.

4. Now select Google Drive.

5. After that browse the folder of Google Photos and download the photos on the Direct Desktop.

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Drop Box

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This is the third easy way to transfer photos from android to pc. This app is similar to Google Drive, all its functions are free. This app is available on Google Play Store. Follow the steps given below and transfer the photos.

1. First download the drop box app from the Google Play Store.

2. Login to this app or create a new account.

3. After that go to Settings or select "turn on camera upload" above the photos or media tabs.

4. You can automatically back up photos after completing the settings.

Email and Sharing

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This is considered to be the fourth best way to transfer photos from android to pc. But this is not an importable way of sharing photos. But if you want to transfer any photos quickly, it will prove beneficial to you. Let us tell you its steps, follow these steps and transfer your photos.

1. Open Gmail's website or download Gmail Android app.

2. Sign in now, if you do not have an account then create a new Gmail account.

3. Click the attach button, then the Gallery option will come, go to the gallery and select the photos and now Photos will be uploaded in a while.

4. Enter the email of the person whom you want to send photos, then send it an email.

Using Google plus

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This is also very good and simple way to transfer photos from android to pc. You can also transfer photos using Google Plus in this way. Let us tell you its steps.

1. Open the photos app.

2. After this you upload your images to Google Plus.

3. Tap the menu button and select " setting ".

4. Tap the " Auto Backup " option.

5. Toggle " Auto Backup " on. The switch is located at the top of the page .

6. Choose your backup options. you can set google photos to only backup when you have a wireless connection.

7. Tap " Backup all " to backup your existing library.

8. Open your Google plus profile in your computer.

9. Click the " Home " button and select " photos ".

10. Find the photos you want to download.

11. Select the photos.

12. Click " More " and select " download ".


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