galaxy s3 safe mode
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How To Turn On/Off Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 safe mode

There are many users of Samsung galaxy phone, and people who use the Samsung galaxy s3 also think about galaxy s3 safe mode. And in their mind, there will also be a question about how to turn safe mode on or off.

Just as the Windows computer has a safe mode, Samsung galaxy s3 also has a safe mode. It’s a tool that helps you boot your phone. This can help you get rid of any application safely. Not only this, it can also repair your galaxy s3.

What is Samsung galaxy s3 safe mode ?

galaxy s3 safe mode lets you boot your default application as well as keep your phone safe. And also protects downloaded applications from Android Market Place. If any application is harming your phone then you can fix the phone by uninstalling that application through the safe mode.

How to turn on galaxy s3 safe mode ?

By following the steps given below, you can turn on the galaxy s3 safe mode.

Step 1 :

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

Step 2 :

Press the power button down until the Samsung logo shows then release, while the logo is still showing press the down volume button.

galaxy s3 safe mode

Step 3 : 

Hold the down volume button until the Safe mode appears at the left bottom of the screen, sometimes it can take up to 50 seconds for it to show up.

galaxy s3 safe mode

After doing all the above steps successfully you can now uninstall applications or troubleshoot your phone. When you are done and you want to exit the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

How to turn off galaxy s3 safe mode ?

By following the steps given below, you can turn off the galaxy s3 safe mode.

Step 1 :

Hold down the power Button.

galaxy s3 safe mode

Step 2 :

Then select restart.

galaxy s3 safe mode

After doing this safe mode will be turned off and your phone will boot normally and you have turned off the Galaxy safe mode successfully.

We’ve told you how to turn ON and OFF safe mode of the Samsung galaxy phone. But if you are still having any problems then you can ask questions through the comment.

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