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How To Delete Apps On Android Device

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Whenever you buy a new smartphone, then there are some apps that come with the smartphone that you do not have any advantage or that the app is your job. Then you think how to delete apps on Android, but because of this system apps, you can not delete it.

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Today we will tell you two types of deleting these system apps. So let’s know how to delete apps on android.

Many times you do not need these apps. If you delete these apps, you can install some new apps in their place. This also increases the RAM of your mobile.

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What is the need to delete mobile apps?

1. For this, your smartphone should be rooted. Because the trick will not work in unrooted smartphones.

2. Click here to root the mobile.

3. Your smart phone must have a smart booster app or a super user app.

Now let us explain Steps by Steps points on how to delete apps on Android. By following which you can easily delete the Smartphone Apps.

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Method 1

How to delete apps on android is the easiest way to do this. In this method, we will tell you how to delete system apps using super user app.

1. First of all, you have to install Super User App, if your mobile is not rooted then this app will not be installed.

2. After opening this app, the user application list will appear, you click on the system application.

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3. After this you will see a list of all system apps.

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4. Now click on the delete icon next to the app you want to delete.

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5. After this you will have 2 options. Click on YES from that.

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6. Clicking on YES will delete whatever app you want to delete.

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Method 2

This is the second easy way to get rid of how to delete apps on android. In this method, we will tell you how to delete the system app by using the smart booster app.

1. First install Smart Booster App, then open this app.

2. After opening this app, click on Apps Manage.

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3. After that click on Backup and Uninstall.

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4. After this you will have a list of all the users’ app list. You click on the system app above.

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5. After this, you will see a list of all system apps. Now click on any item you want to delete.

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6. Then click on Uninstall.

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7. Your app has now been deleted.

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We’ve told you how to delete apps on Android. If you have any problems using these methods then definitely ask us through the comment.

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