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How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone

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Many times it happens that you get boring using Android phones and then think of buying an iPhone. You buy the iphone but then you have to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. If you do not know how to transfer the contacts, then it is not a matter of panic. Today we will tell you how to transfer contacts from android to iphone.

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The thing is that when you buy the iPhone then you have to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. If you are moving from android to iPhone then you may have some trouble. Android Cage came to you with a solution to your problem. In this post, we will tell you how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. By using these methods you can easily transfer your contacts.

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Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

Use Google Account

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If you have used an Android device before, you must have a Google Account. This Google Account will now help you to transfer contacts. Because when you have used this Google Account in your Android device, all your contacts will be synced with this Google Account. If you have synchronized the Android device, then you first have to sync your contacts. The process of syncing is given below.

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1. First you go to the settings of your Android phone.

2. After that, open account and sync.

3. Now enter your Google Account details.

4. Enable synchronization after entering.

5. Now all your contacts will be synced in the Google Account.

By following the steps given below, you can transfer the contact.

1. First of all open your iPhone settings.

2. After this, tap mail, contacts, calenders, select and add an account.

3. Now you can see that all your contacts have been transferred to the phonebook of iPhone.

4. If you follow the steps given above, then you will easily get contact transfer.

Use Your SIM Card

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This is the second most easy way to transfer contacts from android to iphone.

If you have saved the contact list data on your SIM card, you can backup and transfer the contact to your iPhone. Follow the given below steps.

1. First, back up the SIM card address book contact in your Android device.

2. Removing SIM card from your Android device.

3. After this insert the SIM card into your iPhone.

4. After this, open the Settings app in your iPhone.

5. Tap mail, contact, calenders.

6. Tap import SIM contacts.

7. Choose the account you want to transfer them into.

Move to ios App

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Apple has made a great app for transferring data, which is called ios app This app will help you transfer contacts from android to iPhone Not only that, you can transfer a lot more. Such as contacts, text message, photos and videos, calendar, email account, website bookmark etc. But this process is not easy too.

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If you have an android version 4.0 and above of the Android device you can download move to ios app from the Google Play Store.

If you know any other way to transfer data or contact, then definitely share it with us through a comment. Or if there is a problem in the steps given above, then you can ask us the question through the comment.

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