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Movie apps for android, the use of the internet has increased greatly in today’s times. Millions of movie apps  are available on the internet, but people do not download them. Nowadays people like watching movie apps for Android and watching movies in these movie apps. This movie apps for android is a good quality movie which is available in the movie which you also like to watch.

Today we are going to tell you some of the names of such movie apps for Android, which you can enjoy watching movies in good quality by downloading it on your phone. You can download an app from all these movie apps.

Movie Apps For Android

1. Netflix

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All the people have heard Netflix movie app name. This name is a popular name for the Internet world. You can also go anywhere and watch your favorite movie on this app. Officially, it only runs on some devices but the so much crafty folks at XDA.

If we talk about the popularity of this movie apps for Android, this app has downloaded more than 100 million people. And this rating has also received a lot. You must use this app once to see.

2. TMDB Movies and TV

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This too has become quite popular. This app is very easy to use, though its mobile site also works  If you download this movie app for android then it will be even better. In this app, you can also track the show times of local cinema. In this, you can check the gossip of your favorite show and favorite star. And you can also see the trailer of the movie that is coming. With this app, you can also buy a movie from Amazon.

This app has also become quite popular on the Play Store. More than 100 million people have downloaded this app and this app has received good ratings too.

3. Movie Collection and Inventory

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Today, there are many types of movie apps for android available in the market. but this app is better than all those apps because it keeps your movie collection organized. In this, you can keep the name of the movie collection and keep it. Adding items to your collection is easy since it can DVD and Blue – ray barcodes with your phone’s camera. You can view all the data online. If you buy another phone, you can easily backup the movie collection data in it.

4. Showbox

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Showbox is one of the best movie app for Android. And it’s also a very popular movie app. In this, you can easily watch movies and TV serials. It’s a user-friendly Android app and you can handle it easily. The special thing is that you can watch the movie in this movie app at a good quality. It has received a good review and rating on the Google Play Store.

5. Cinemabox

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This app is the top movie app, in which you can see all the movies in HD. This is a very popular app and its features have been made quite well. It’s without a doubt one of the finest movie apps with some remarkable components like disconnected mode, subtitle support, child’s mode and the chrome cast booster.

6. Tubitv App

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This app has also received quite a good rating on Google Play Store. When this app was launched it brought very good features which people liked. In this app, users can watch the movie for free. There are several types of categories in this app, you can choose any category.

This is an app that gives you all the facilities for free. You can see this app using, you really like it.

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7. MovieHD

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Some time ago this app also became quite popular on the Google Play Store. But this app was removed due to some policy violation. But even today, it offers a movie free of charge. You can easily download it from any website.

If we talk about its function then it works just like Showbox app. This app works well in Android device, it is also a great app that you can use.

8. Snagfilms App

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This is also considered the best movie app for android in the list. There are more than 5000 movies in this app’s catalog. This is one of such movie streaming app that holds, Bollywood, African, Spanish movies. There are much more types of movies available in this app. With this app, you can keep the expectation of a good quality movie and can also trust.

9. Crckle

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Crackle is another movie apps for android and streaming online movies. This app will not give you the option to download the movie. But many categories have been given so that you can watch a lot of movies. If you use this app you will get a good experience.

10. Hubi

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Hubi is another impressive movie apps for android and watching online movies for free. There are several types of tools in it, so you can download any movie link. This app received a very good rating on the Play Store. This app should definitely be used.
In the above-given list, we have given you a list of Top Free Movie Apps for Android. You can use any app from these apps. If you have any problems downloading the app, you can ask us through the comment. And share this post on social media so that others can also know about these apps.

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