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How To Turn OFF Safe Mode On Android Phones

turn off safe mode

There is always a problem with the Android phones of all the people. And to prevent this problem, Safe Mode is given to your Android phone. If there is a malware in your phone, Safe Mode is the only way you can turn on your phone.

If a poor application is harming your phone, Safe Mode can help you. Safe mode closes all the third-party apps on your phone, so your phone starts running fast.

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If you use safe mode in your phone, your phone will tell you that it is in safe mode. Which usually shows you at the bottom of the Home screen. It does not have full access to all your apps, and that’s why some of your settings may come back by default.

If you accidentally go into safe mode, or go to safe mode with your own will and get stuck, then we can help you get out of your way. Before using those methods we will now tell you to back up your phone.

Now let us tell you how to turn off safe mode in android phone.

How To Turn Off Safe Mode ?

1. Restart Your Device

This is a great option for most cases of your phone. You can use this simple method to turn off safe mode.

● Press and hold the power button.

● From the menu presented, select the ” Restart ” or ” Reboot ” option.

● Reboot.

● Your phone should take care of rest , if you had the ” Restart ” or ” Reboot ” option.

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2. Perforn a soft Reset.

This is the second best method of turn off safe mode. You can also use this method.

● Hold the button down until a menu of options appears.

● Select ” Power Off ” .

● Wait a few seconds and turn the phone back on by depressing the power button again.

3. Cut of all power

If you are unable to turn your phone to turn off safe mode, then there is nothing to worry about. You can use the method described below.

● Take of the back case and remove the battery.

● Dislodge the SIM card.

● Reinsert the SIM card.

● Replace the battery.

4. Key Combination

Sometimes you accidentally get into safe mode. You can also get out of the way you go in the same way. You can turn off safe mode using the Power and Volume buttons.

● Power off your device.

● Now hold the Power and Volume key together. Try the both sides of volume independently.

5. Wipe the Cache of an App

If you feel that an app installed on your phone is causing problems, and you do not want to uninstall this app. So you have to clear the cache of this app. In this way, you can turn your Android phone into turn off safe mode.

● Locate setting. Thus find the apps menu.

● Tap on ” App ” or ” Application “.

● Find the app and select it.

● Choose ” Clear Cache “.

Conclusion :

All the ways we told you in this post are all very simple ways. You can turn off the safe mode of your Android device using any of these methods.




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